Sarah Udoh-Grossfurthner, But he calls me blessed


Five women. Different ages. Different locations. Different economic backgrounds. But one thing in common.
Fifteen year-old Rhea is raped at a church convention. In order to deal with the aftermath of the trauma she needs help. But she won’t confide in anyone, not even her parents. Her shame is too unbearable.
Silvana saw herself as a true woman of faith. Until confronted with 12 miscarriages within sixteen years of marriage. But decreasing faith is not the only issue she has to deal with. Her in-laws are pissed off that she can’t give them grandchildren. They want her out of their son’s home.
Nompumelelo, a young wife, with three equally young children, lost the love of her life to a fluke illness, and must embark on life alone, in a strange country. And yet her family is telling her ‘God is still good.’ How dare they!
Udeme thinks her fiancé’s ‘no sex before marriage’ policy makes him the ideal partner. If only she knew.
And, head strong Katarina learns that beauty and self-confidence are no safeguards against abuse barely one year into her dream marriage.


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