Thoman Pakenham, The Scramble for Africa


„While over 20 years old, this book may be the definitive guide for the topic. Thomas Parkenham’s work goes into great detail, but not in a dry way, looking at the not just the scramble, but also at events leading up to it over different time periods. The book is broken into 4 parts, the situation in Africa before the scramble begins, the start of the actual scramble lading up to the Conference of Berlin of 1885 where rules were put into place to govern the allocation of territory from the African cake and where Leopold of Belgium managed to manipulate the great powers and had his possessions in the Congo ratified. The next section deals with the main land grab of Africa and then the last main part shows the resistance to the European powers and the reform efforts that were undertaken by said powers.“

„Taking the entire continent as his canvas, Pakenham has painted a picture of heroism and horror. He writes both with compassion and with an effective combination of detachment and judgement. A splendid book.“


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